A Song Not Written About MBC

Please note: This post asks you to hear Bob Dylan’s “Positively Fourth Street” in a new way. If you are a huge Dylan fan and do not want me to ruin this song for you, please read one of my other blog posts. 

Last week, while inching down Philadelphia’s crowded and congested Route 1 on my way to merge onto the rowdy and raucous I76, I heard Bob Dylan’s “Positively Fourth Street” on the radio.  While nervously trying to navigate traffic and my pending appointment time at my cancer treatment center, I had not heard this song for years and in this moment, the lyrics took on a whole new meaning. 

Suddenly the “you” in “Positively Fourth Street” is no longer about those who criticized Dylan’s departure from traditional folk to electric guitar, or the “plastic people” that he met in Greenwich Village, or those who were jealous of his artistic success. The “you” is metastatic breast cancer (MBC).  

Ruefully laughing, I hear Dylan’s nasally voice painting the “you” as a fake, self-absorbed brat. And yep, that’s exactly what it feels like to be living metastatic breast cancer’s childish petulance! 

Take a listen to “Positively Fourth Stree” here. While listening, here are some lines that really speak to what it means to live with MBC:  

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s what you can do to make a difference:

  • Support Metavivor, an organization that supports metastatic breast cancer research, support, and awareness

2 responses to “A Song Not Written About MBC”

  1. My heart feels every word Jenny. Much Love…


  2. Thoughtful, moving, relavatory—as always. Love to you, friend.


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